Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Does This Call For "Here's Your Sign"?

It was a total down pour as I left work yesterday. The rain drops had to be the size of golf balls. I only had about five feet from the door to my truck but there was no way to avoid just getting soaked.

As I was driving away I saw someone I work with coming out the building door. I could tell he was processing through the best course of action similar to what I just completed. Within a minute my cell phone rang and the Caller ID said it was this same person I just watched get soaked. I took the call according to protocal "Hello", without him saying a greeting he said "Boy, it sure is a warm wet rain isn't it?" I just wasn't quick enough with a comeback, all I could say was "yep."

Ever since I've been thinking of everything I could'a, should'a said but I am thinking to hard. What could I have said that would have been a great "Here's is your sign" type come back?


kristi noser said...

I don't think so. Now if he would have said, "Hey, didja get wet?" or "stayin' dry out there?" the possibilities are endless.

kristi noser said...

Hey, it's the only shower I'm gonna get all week, here's your sign

kristi noser said...

Tryin' to see what it's like to be a duck, here's your sign

PS said...

"Yep, I sure like these wet rains better than the sprinkly ones. Here's your sign."

kristi noser said...

Nope, Just thought I'd take one these hailstones and play the back nine. Here's your sign