Monday, February 19, 2007

Anger Quotes

Depression and Anger
"The most concise definition I know is this: "Depression is frozen rage." If you have a consistently serious problem with depression, you have not resolved some area of anger in your life. As surely as the night follows day, depression follows unresolved, repressed, or improperly expressed anger. Healing for Damaged Emotions, David A. Seamands, 1991, page 125
Anger is imitation
"Anger is always a form of imitation. Either we are imitating the way mercy trumps anger in the character of Jesus, or we are mimicking the destructive anger of Satan (John 8:44) There are no choices." Depression A Stubborn Darkness Light for the Path, Edward T. Welch, 2004, page 160
Injustice, Unbalanced Anger, and Depression
"Perfectionists have a very deep disproportionate sense of justice and injustices. They feel a deep need to right the wrongs of the world, to correct things, to pull up the weeds that are growing with the wheat. Now, that feeling is valuable; it exists in every reformer, in every preacher and missionary; and to some degree it should in every Christian. That sense of injustice surrendered, cleansed, and controlled by the Holy Spirit can be a useful instrument in the hands of God 'for spreading scriptural holiness and reforming the nation," as John Wesley said. But out of hand, out of balance, with the anger problem behind it unresolved, the sense of injustice is very destructive, producing depression and disrupting good personal relationships." Healing for Damaged Emotions, David A. Seamands, 1991, page 125


Carla said...

Thank you babe for continuing to seek wisdom and find resources. You honor God by being real. I love you.

Kim said...

Do you have any ideas on how a person would go about finding what the anger is from? I do think you are correct in that depression comes from anger, but I am truely not sure where/what the anger is about. I guess I am assuming its "old" anger, but I guess it doesn't have to be.

PS said...

Thanks for the question(s). I am heading in the direction of the answer(s)...I just don't know what they are yet. I am trying to avoid arriving at a simplistic-inch-deep meaningless answer so I need time to think and pray.

Sheae said...

He who angers you conquers you. ~
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: Anger Quotes

Anonymous said...

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