Friday, February 16, 2007

Anger in the image of God

All of life needs to be considered from the top down. I am learning the more I live the more nothing makes sense unless it is considered starting first with the big picture, grand story of God and His Kingdom. What I mean is life's most annoying problems can be dealt with better in light of God's unfolding drama. The story seems to infuse meaning into all of life's struggles. Is it weird to thank God for my struggles because without them I would not know Christ?

Paul Tripp does a fantastic job in this lecture: "Anger is one of God's most beautiful charactaristics" (The link actually takes you to Tripp's ministry home page. The video is on the home page.)

The big take-away for me: two angers are at war with each other - Man's vs. God's, yet man imitates God when acting in the image of His anger. Most people speak of God's love. But does God's love mean anything without God's anger? You'll have to watch the video to know why I am questioning. Interesting.

(PS - Another, more personal, look at God's anger here: Sinners in The Hands of an Angry God. Believe, it is much more personal...hopefully it least it better be.)

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