Wednesday, February 21, 2007

America's Anger Expert

Found this gem of a resource yesterday: America's Anger Expert (Dr. Les Carter)

I like the website because it is practical in helping process through the spectrum of thoughts and feelings that appear with out of control anger. But most of the material falls short of the heart of the matter, literally. Anger is ultimately about God. My worst relationship where anger is present reveals my heart before God. Resources like America's Anger Expert are good for examining how anger manifests itself in specific attitudes and behaviors. These attitudes and behaviors should point out idolatry and sin. When my heart is sliced and layed open by anger exposing death and destruction, what hope is there? Jesus!

Finding Anger

The following questions, from Dr. Carter's website, are useful in pointing out the idolatry that is at the heart of anger:

"Think carefully what your anger is wishing to convey. Your anger is connected to your sense of self-preservation. Specifically you are wishing to preserve one of three things:

  • Your worth as a human. ("Would you please show me some respect?")

  • Your legitimate needs. ("Would you recognize that I have needs that should be tended to"?)

  • Your deepest convictions. ("I have certain beliefs I will not back down from.")

  • Think about the legitimacy of this self-preservation. Can you recognize that anger can have a valid function?"

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