Thursday, February 22, 2007

Messy Relationships, Anger, and the Bigger Picture

I've mentioned before the importance of keeping all things in context of a larger story. Paul Tripp tells a story of a messy relationship here and it happens to be about anger:

"the story points out is that in the messiness of our relationships, there's always something bigger going on. Our relationships are never just about us. They're never just about our plans, our purposes, and our happiness. They're never just about who we want to be around and what we'd like to offer or receive from those relationships. No, there's always something bigger going on because there's a God who is sovereign. He puts us right where he wants us and he never gets a wrong address! In our relationships he takes us where we don't want to go in order to produce in us and others what we couldn't achieve on our own."
I really like this guy! His wisdom is incredibly helpful to me.

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Kim N. said...

There is always a bigger picture. If only I could remember that more often. Thanks for that link!!! I can relate to his story (my teenager)