Friday, February 23, 2007

Official Start of Inline Racing Training Season

Earlier this week when it was perfectly clear, bright and sunny, and 50 degrees outside, I was going to make a bold move and declare the official start to my inline marathon training season. With the winter we haven't had here in northern Wisconsin this year, I figured I'd be skating in 3-4 weeks. I have big plans this year - 2 (perhaps 3) marathons. I am also shooting for 1:30 in the St. Paul marathon. Big plans and lots of training to do. I simply can't wait!!!

Looks like I will have to wait to put on my skates though. It is 9:14 am here in Wisconsin, approximately 9 hours from the start of our first major winter storm of the season - 18 inches of snow expected by Sunday.

But still, its official...the 2007 Inline Racing Training Season has begun. I have much "dryland" work to do like strengthening my core muscles, shedding some fat tissue, and renewing good eating habits.

I have intense leg and cardio sessions planned for this weekend...pulling my kids around in circles in the red sled.


Reegz said...

You're an animal!!!!!!!!!

erin said...

Good luck in the 2007 season, Pat! The snow will melt...eventually.