Monday, March 27, 2006

Movie Review: North Country

I watched North Country this last Saturday night. I have mixed feelings about the film. Although I like some of what Nehring says in his review, two specifics about the film stood out above everything else and really disturbed me:

1. The graphic violence against the women. I think the movie did a good job at conveying how horrible it must have been for the women to go to work everyday. Some put up with it for over 14 years. There was one rape scene that put me over the edge and I don't think it needed to be in the movie.

2. The very strong canadian accents of the rangers. This was overwhelming and took so much away from the story. I kept having flashbacks to watching Fargo, or Strange Brew, or a period interlude commentary of a Minnesota Wild hockey game. I may be too close to the situation but c'mon, some one please tell me, do we northerners really have that strong of an accent? Wow, it was ridiculous.


ron said...

I've never watched North Country and will not. No doubt the Left Coast considers Iron Rangers a bunch of dopes. And I'm sure you're right Pat. Over the top rape scene. As if I can't determine it's a rotten act without them sticking it in my face.

So I watched Citizen Kane the other night. It is outstanding. Strangely, it was the first time I've watched it from beginning to end. When you consider all the other ridiculous films I've watched that doesn't say much for my discernment over the years.

Then I watched a PBS documentary about Orson Welles and William Randolph Hearst. I tell you, good old Hollywood. It's been screwed up for a long time. Makes me glad to live in good old Hudson.

kristi noser said...

Well, dere Pat I think we really do tahk like dat dere, don'tcha know. Actually, I haven't seen the movie, just wanted to say don'tcha know.

Nehring said...


My wife and her family are from da-range. Yes, the accents can get thick up there...or is it, tick up dere.

The rape scene is just bad filmmaking. You're right, it is unneeded but those in power feel that a) it has to be shown so we understand. b) its more dramatic and interesting if they show it c) any sexual content is better than no sexual content.

I just finished another film with an unneeded rape scene, Derailed. It's just in there for the sake of the sexuality of the situation. Its sick.

You said you agreed with MOST of my review. Which part did you disagree with ?