Thursday, March 30, 2006

Newness Addiction

I have lived with my trusty Blackberry for the last year and half. I've been into reading everything on the web from my Bloglines account. I live in the info world called "push". I have info pushed and force feed to me every second of the day. I am not at a loss for the latest headline or greatest blog posting and I've probably already replied to the email you're going to send me - and I did it while driving to the post office. It is truely amazing!

I have noticed in myself though a new habit and addiction for new news. I never had this addiction before I went "push". I don't read beyond headlines anymore. I flip back short emails to my loved ones and friends. I am more impatient and want people I work with to talk faster.

This article describes the emerging dysfuntions of living in "push." Read it and learn why you don't want to come to a point where you call your Blackberry a Crackberry. If you don't own a Blackberry, you will some day because only those people with a Blackberry will rule the world.


Timotheos said...

Call me a bit odd, but how is it that those who have a Blackberry will rule the world, when those with a Blackberry cannot even rule their Blackberry? If a Blackberry owner cannot even master information, then how will he master the world?

BTW: my tongue is a bit in my cheek.

PS said...

Yes teacher, my mistake, but you've never had email at your hip before.

PS said...

Everyone. Did you see how fast I responded to Teacher's comment?