Monday, March 27, 2006

Payment Terms: Net 4 years

Today I am going to deal with an invoice I received last friday. The invoice was from a chiropractor I haven't seen in over a year. The amount is $364 for services performed in 2002. Four years ago!!! The reason for the invoice being "late" the accompanied letter stated is because the office had moved in Jan 2005 and they changed computer systems as well. I checked my records of previous paid invoices and statements to this chiropractor and found several of them with zero balances owed.
In addition, the latest invoice shows my copay's and payments from the insurance company. Where did this $364 come from? How do I know there is any accuracy in the chiropractor business records at all? This invoice can't be right and that is what I am going to argue when I go to see them today. It is sloppy bookkeeping on their part. I just chuckled everytime I looked at the invoice this last weekend.

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kristi noser said...

Pat, I think you should pay it, it and all other bills and invoices that come into your mailbox. Where did I put those stamps...