Friday, April 14, 2006

Catch Up: Workout Journaling

With Burn The Ships getting axed last week, this post catches up on the last week of tracking my fitness plan.

Day 5 - Upper Body. Normal workout. I was actually incredibly tired and so I didn't push much.

Day 6 - Cardio. Saturday's are my own multi-cardio-event day, like a mini triathlon. I skated for 30 minutes then got on the mountain bike and rode for another 40 minutes. Burned 840 calories.

Day 7 - Free Day. No workout. Ate freely, but not overboard.

Day 8 - Lower Body, Legs. I hate leg work outs, they hurt. Also, you kinda have a buzzy light headedness all day cause all the blood is in your legs - sometimes I enjoy that feeling.

Day 9 - Cardio. Skated.

Day 10 - Upper Body. WOW! What a fantasic workout. Carla and I pushed the limit on every single rep.

Day 11 - Cardio. Biked outside for 25 minutes, kept heart rate above 125. Burned 343 calories

Day 12 - Lower Body, Legs See day 8.

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Carla said...

Dear Coach,
Thank you for taking me under your wing! You are great to work out with!