Monday, April 03, 2006

Fitness Motivation From My Son Josh

I am not going to compete with my wife over at Four By 40 by blogging about the adventures of childrearing - she is so much better at it for sure. But, I am going to claim this tidbit for myself. I have to, I feel obligated to.

Last night Carla was out at an event for ladies only, a much deserved time away for my dearest babe. So I had the kids all to myself, or should I say I had all the kids to myself. Carla has always been a good steward by stocking up milk for times when she is away so baby Timothy can still be "breast fed." Josh observed me getting something going for Timothy and so he asked "What's up Dad, what are you going to do?" I replied "It is time to feed Timmy." Josh looked at my chest area with just a small wince and asked "You got milk in those things?"

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