Saturday, April 15, 2006

Name Combos

I try to avoid commenting on other blogs using my first initial and last name. I just accidently did it over at Wide White. I guess I want to be taken seriously but who can with that name combo. Incidently, I was never called by this crude name combo in my younger years. In fact, strangely enough it never occured to me that others could be calling me by it. Not until that one evening roughly seven years ago. I was playing softball (church softball) and one of my team member yells out an encouraging word as I am stepping up to the plate. "C'mon P Stream, lets go, base hit, base hit, that is what we need. Hit it solid P Stream." Now, when others make the aforementioned name combo connection in thier head, they let it roll. It is kinda like when you buy a new car. You think you have the only one like it, after driving it around for a few weeks, you see the exact same car everywhere you look. I do know things could be worse so I don't complain much. I only get after myself when I use the name combo.

1 comment:

Joey said...

funny thing is, I didn't think twice of it till reading your post here.

now I'm going to laugh if you ever use it again. better stick to "ps." though, that kind of makes you look like an after thought.

guess you just get the shaft.