Monday, May 15, 2006

2006 St. Paul Inline Marathon

I am all pumped about racing in the St. Paul Inline Marathon again this year. Here is a good photo gallery from last year. I have goals to make huge strides (pun intended) over my results from last year:

Results For:
Patrick Stream


Bib #: 2385
Age: 36
Gender: M
City, State: Hudson, WI
Team Name:
Race Category: Recreation - Men 30 to 39

Inline Marathon Finish Results

Finish Time: 2:26:13.86
Pace: 10.7 MPH
Age Group Place: 44th out of 52 Men 30 to 39 finishers
Overall Place: 407th out of 502 Recreation finishers
Gender Overall Plc: 210th out of 241 Recreation Male finishers

Inline Marathon Splits
Split 1 - Davern St. Turn - 5.25 Miles

Time: 0:29:28.11

Half Marathon - 13.1 Miles

Time: 1:10:49.41
Age Group Place: 45
Overall Place: 423
Gender Overall Plc: 219

Split 3 - Davern St. Turn - 20.5 Miles

Time: 1:55:20.35

Yes, I realize that most people are able to complete a running marathon in better time than I came in at last year. This year however, I will be ready to finish in one hour and thirty minutes. I love to skate!

I haven't actually registered for the race yet. The entry fee is $75 up to June 25, then it goes to $85. I have yet to bring this financial "need" to my wife's attention (but before I type the next period to end this sentence, she'll be aware of it, trust me.)

Is there anybody out there that would like to skate it with me? There is a 10 mile tour available if 26.2 miles is not your thing. There are 98 days left to train.


kristi noser said...

Way to go Pat! Can we come watch you race? Then we can yell and shake cow bells when you go past us.

PS said...
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PS said...

I'd love the encouragement Kristi. Thanks.

But, are you serious about the cow bell thing? How do you know of my fondness for cow bells?

Joey said...

Hmm...I was thinking "yes," pending me buying skates for my sz. 14 feet and then learning to actually use them without knocking down everything in my path.

Then I read the part about cowbells. I'm pretty sure they're the worst invention ever, in the history of cows. In the history of people, they're still pretty low on the list of inventions.

However, if Kristi really wanted to go that far, I guess I might come to watch. (Not watch you Pat, watch Kristi ring the cowbell.)

kristi noser said...

And you can bet I would--I mean will. Tell me when and where. (slap of leather as glove hits the floor)

kristi noser said...

And I'll bring one for you Joey.

kristi noser said...

Do you realize that there are 10 Faithcom bloggers? That's only $7.50 each. I can do $7.50.

Joey said..., that would be crazy. First the FCC softball team is joking about a fund for cleats for me, and now i'ts rollerblades. What's next? 'Cause I wouldn't mind a house.

kristi noser said...

I didn't mean your skates Joey, I meant the entry fee for Pat.
You want cleats? Go with Reegz to the thrift store. Great place to buy those kind of things.

Joey said...

yeah, it would be except for the whole size 14 thing. that always puts a damper on finding anything that works at a thrift store for me....