Friday, May 05, 2006

How To Skin A Cat

Today I took the day off and attended a simulcast of Maximum Impact. Although overall it was an effective event and worth the time I took off, the whole day was full of typical motivational type oneliners.

The best line of the day wasn't tooled to motivate and it came from Kathy Ireland when she shared a critique she once received. Someone once told her she had a voice that could skin a cat. I laughed out loud harder and longer than anyone else in the audience. The constructive criticism was absolutely dead on! I love my stout Tomcat Griffen but he would have lost some weight today listening to her. She also displayed the annoying habit of pausing too long and smiling when she thought she just said something funny and witty - she was waiting for everyone to get it.

The second best line of the day is when Dave Ramsey, financial guru, revealed "there is a reason why Mastercard is called Mastercard."

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