Friday, May 19, 2006

Product Review: Mentos Microgum

This last weekend I stumbled into purchasing a new offering from Mentos. On my way to worship services I made a quick trip into a local gas/convenience store to pick up some mints. I was in the market for something tiny, fresh, effective and priced under $1.00.

Within my .00245 second scan of the mint items my eyes were pulled to the new Mentos Microgum. I decided to buy even though the price at $1.99 was over my budget.

These beebee size balls of gone-in-a-flash flavored cardboard pseudo-mints don't even measure up to the less than medicore bubblegum from a coin operated dispenser. I would have been better off to have eaten my money instead. Horrible!!

1 comment:

kristi noser said...

Just stay with Altoids--the only mints that matter