Saturday, June 24, 2006

17 miles

This morning's skate couldn't have been much better. Other than getting home later than my wife asked me to be, this morning was a great training session.

I skated 17 miles in 1 hour and 24 minutes - that is exactly 12 miles per hour and right where I want to be. I had planned to skate 20 miles today but cut it back because of the hard labor mandatory volunteer opportunity I participated in yesterday.

Ya'know, I am kidding about that, being forced to volunteer. It was just how the opportunity was originally presented to me. The irony was that I did want to volunteer on the project and was actually thankful to be able to take off work, I just resented the approach and so I resisted (yes, that is what you call passive aggressive dysfunction. Burton, can you confirm that in the DSM?) I did actually volunteer yesterday out of my own free will and it was a fantastic experience. Afterwards I was grateful and full of community pride. But I digress.

Back to the topic of inline marathon training. If I can maintain a 12 mph pace from here on out I'll have a good marathon. Even better is to be under 2 hours and that will take 12.5 mph. I'll be fighting for that over the next 60 days. Amazing, 60 days does not seem that long. I would also like to drop at least 10 pounds of fat before the race. This is totally achievable but I want to make sure. I will be cutting back on my calorie intake, stop eating after 6:00, and focus more on higher protein meals, less complex (sugary) carbs.

Why am I doing this?

It is the one thing in my life that feels under my control at the moment and I really enjoy skating, really enjoy it. I like individual sports too. The extreme endorphin and serotonin rush during and after skating is one of a kind as well. I like to sweat hard, breath hard, and go fast. When I am skating I feel totally human - alive, working, and praising my Creator.


kristi noser said...

Way to go Pat! I am so glad to see how well you are doing with your mph. I was going to ask how the forced volunteer work went, but you answered that question. Looks like the playground is really shaping up.

Carla said...

Skating for the glory of God! Go,Pat, Go!!