Friday, June 02, 2006

Air Guitar Championships

As mentioned, the National Spelling Bee doesn't (or shouldn't) qualify as reality TV. But, I have found something better. Even though it wouldn't rank much higher than shows like Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal, and JackAss, the US Air Guitar Championships definitely fits the mold. I can't believe people are flocking to this freakshow, but who can't relate to playing the air quitar - man, talkin' about taking airjammin' to the next level, watch these people: Hot Licks Houlihan, Flying V.

Here I go again, me and my double standards., ripping on something I formally used to do. I was an air guitar specialist in college (ask all my partying buddies), I could have made it to the (state) finals if there was such a contest back in my heyday. I love the 80's - rock on!


Joey said...

Part of the problem is we've confused "reality" tv and "game show" tv. Game shows have taken a whole new level. Instead of sitting in a studio, we're running around the world (The Amazing Race) or parked on an island (Survivor) or doing difficult stunts (Fear Factor). But this stuff isn't "reality" tv. Not in its true sense. Reality tv is supposed to be us watching other people's lives unfold before us. Like Real World or Jackass or the Osbornes or that stupid show about Hulk Hogan. When it's not a competition, but it's just watching other people's lives, it's reality. When it's a competition, like Unan1mous, it ceases to be "reality tv."

That's my take anyway.

Either way, rock on with the air guitar. You make those of us who actually play the guitar feel just a little bit better about ourselves!

cbass said...

I feel like I was in Bill and Ted's phone booth time machine. You've GOT to be kidding me!! I'm sorry, I watched these two dudes soak up in their own glory with their faded stone washed jeans and I thought it was a for real a serious joke. For surely everyone else had WAY too much to drink to cheer and yell and love this....GOSH flippin idiots. I can totally see this being cool back in the 80's when these songs were on the top charts, but uuuhhm now? I don't know what's worse this or the trash reality tv on now.

Reegz said...


I hope you put a post of you doing your old air guitar moves. That would be sweet....don't forget to spray paint your hair that cool red color that looks so great on you. What songs would you use?

PS said...

Detroit Rock City (KISS)