Friday, June 09, 2006

Nobody Thinks Anymore

We do live in a new world of technology no doubt. I love technology. I am particularly found of the wireless world. Technology makes us more productive, right? I believe it does and most of the time technology advancement is a great thing. Have you noticed though the gap between the increasing accessibility of information and the humans ability to effectively processes it all? That is to say that with all the rushing around between emails, blogs, chat rooms, wiki's, etc. there is just no time to think anymore, about actual work. The constant bombardments of information and requests for information are closing minds - shutdowns due to overload. The gap is brining to light our deep need for new and improved methods of managing all the info. I am fascinated with the thinking of productivity experts and knowledge management workers as they talk about how to close the gap. Here is a brief interview with the President of the American Management Associate that touches on what I am referring to.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting topic. My take as a small business owner is that this is why my hours have increased from years ago. I need to "disconnect" from technology for an hour or so before or after hours to just "process" I usually do this every other day....argueably I should do this everyday.