Friday, June 09, 2006

Practically Pursuing Christ's Reign

My home church has a vision:
We are pursuing Christ's reign in all of life to advance God's kingdom in all the earth for His glory.
Here are just a few of my personal thoughts about the vision statement.

  • It may be obvious that at the most simplistic level, a major element in this vision statement is the general call to live out a holy life. But it is more than that.
  • By using the word pursuing, the vision statement points the arrow toward a way of living where one should strive after Christ's rule. I read this vision statement and think there is something I must do, something I am to be engaged in (like a hobby or vocation), an end in mind that I must seek to be overtaking by.
  • I love this vision statement because it is big, and covers all of life.
  • Like all great vision statements, however, this one does not give specifics of exactly what to do, just the general direction of where things are heading. It is up those who carry out the vision to correctly interpret what living it out means. Good vision statements require the followers to think hard about the practical outworkings of the long term vision - and then to get practical and take action.
  • I'm into being practical. This article speaks to cultivating holy living and it is very practical.

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