Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random Thoughts

Public Restrooms: It never falls, whenever I enter a public bathroom and observe no urinal but only a toilet stool, I have to exit the bathroom and do a double check on the sign. I always pray that I don't see the word "Women".

Fast Food Trash Bins: One of the worst sounds in the world is the jingle jingle from a set of car keys as they are sliding off the meal tray into the trash can.

Accountability Groups: If I ever leave an accountability group feeling thankful that I'm not like the others...I've got serious, serious problems.


Tia said...

I've actually walked into a rest room and SAW urinals and realized I was in the wrong room!

Totally blonde moment!

kristi noser said...

On our trip back from Joliet I was in a gas station rest room, washing my hands and a teen boy walked in. I said, "Hi, I think you're in the wrong room." At least he had something to talk about on the ride.

Joey said...

I saw the word "woman" once. Actually, the bathroom had no door. One of those where you weave into it through a mini hallway. They'd just remodeled the Wal-Mart and added it. And of course, my brother and two of his friends from high school were there.

Oh well, I got over it pretty quickly. There weren't even any women in the bathroom either!