Tuesday, July 11, 2006

100 Days

It has been 100 days since posting this and I have not wavered from my April Fool's Day resolution declaration. I am not ready to post any before and after pictures yet, probably will never do that, but here is a short report on some keys stats I follow to track progress:

April 3, 2006

July 11, 2006


Body Weight



-16 lbs

Body Fat %



-4.5 %




-15.35 lbs




-.66 lbs

Frankly, I've had better results with total weight loss in less time but my goal is not to lose weight. That is right, I am not trying to lose weight - I want to maintain 174 lbs of muscle and decrease total body fat. It is a modern day fitness myth that losing total body weight is healthy, transforming body mass from fat to muscle is better. I would like to get under 20% body fat, perhaps even get to 15% by fall.

I actually would like to add more muscle but that is hard to do right now with the heavy cardio training I've been doing for the inline marathon. Even after the marathon I will continue to cut body fat until I reach my target percent. Then I plan to focus on adding some muscle.

I would like to say that my wife Carla has stuck with it for 100 days as well. She too has had great results. She is a trooper. We lift weights together three days a week!! I am proud of her!

I celebrated this morning by skating 7.6 miles in 38 minutes. Good skate!


Carla said...

I could use a chart, a graph, an organized system of tracking results. Do you know of anyone who can help with that?

kristi noser said...

I do but you'd probably have to let the cat live to pay for it.