Monday, July 24, 2006

Thinking Right About The End Times

One of the top three shifts that I've gone through in regards to my own knowledge of God is in the realm of Eschatology (aka the end times, aka the second coming of Christ.)

Thanks to JT over at Between Two Worlds for pointing out this article by Kim Riddlebarger. The article is a fantastic summary of what I now think and believe to be the truth about when Jesus is coming back, who the antichrist is and what to expect from life between now and the last day(s). (I also give much credit to my Friend and Pastor Tim Porter for steering me right in proper end times thinking.) I highly recommend you take three minutes to read the article.

(HT: JT)


Joey said...

Right on Pat, right on! Couldn't agree with you (or this article) more. Now I don't feel like such a loner on this issue!

Kandi said...

Is this article available as a comic book? Because, good heavens, my eyes started to blur after the fourth paragraph or so. (Maybe I shouldn't have tried to read it at work.)
I'll have another go at it after my nap!

Seven Star Hand said...
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cbass said...

Well we're probably all wrong post's, pre's and amil's because us being sinful people, whoever is right would probably say "see I was right and you were wrong" and nobody steals God's glory. Anyways whichever Praise God that He even has allowed a way for us (used to be enemies of God) to be redeemed and partakers of the glorious inheritance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS said...

That's right cbass, praise God for salvation...His way! I believe with in Eschatology there is room for tension with all sides keeping each other in balance. I am more persuaded at this time by arguments showing the church to be in a time of an overlap of ages.