Thursday, August 31, 2006

What's Next?

I skated this morning for the second time since the St. Paul Marathon. What can I say? I love inline skating. I am so happy when I skate. I am not finished skating and so I look forward to what's next in my inline endeavors?

Wouldn't it be great to skate in all ten of the top inline marathons in the country? Ideally it is a long range dream I would like to achieve.

The North Shore Marathon is next month but it falls on the same weekend as a very important marriage retreat my wife (who else?) and I attend. This is a huge race and fast. I will do it someday I'm sure. After this race the season is pretty much over.

Next year I see myself in the Big Granite Marathon in June (Ashland, WI) and then the St. Paul Marathon again in August. Maybe I will also be in the smaller but incredibly beautiful race in Hayward, WI. The Hayward marathon is one week before St. Paul so it could be a good last "training" run for St. Paul.

In the meantime, during the winter, hopefully I can get some skating in over at the RollerDome. I also will continue with weight training (another thing I love to do) and mixing up cardio exercies whenever I can through the winter. My wife Carla and I workout together and it is our time to be together.

I really do need new skates too if I am going to move forward with these plans - especially skating at the fitness and advanced levels. But I have dental work to pay for, cars to fix, home repairs, kids clothes, debts to pay off, etc. before I get the new skates. Nevertheless I will move forward with my plans and God will provide for everything, or make my ready to accept all of his will as it unfolds over the next year.

I skate to be healthy and to bring peace to my family.

P.S. Play "Where's Carla" with the last picture. Carla is in there somewhere taking a picture of my back as I cross the finish line at St. Paul. The photo may be too small but it makes it more of a challenge for you then. Tell me where she is?


Carla said...

I am so proud of you!!

kristi noser said...

Really great pix Pat. We were standing right by the light pole, although I can't see us, the stinkin' poicture is too small!

kristi noser said...


Kandi said...

Pat, I want to be the first to contribute to your new uniform. I'm think bold red Spandex with yellow flames...whaddaya think? Maybe we can get some sponsorships from businesses, too!

Kandi said...

...I'm thinking...not think...

Can you tell that Kristi and I are related?

PS said...

I like purple with yellow flames, with a big explosion star on my rear.

Oh, I was also thinking, skin colored with no graphics.