Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mowing In The Dark

Last Night
OooooOooo...eeeee I was mowing in the dark.
Dying from exhaustion and dreaming I was an inline star
This time of year the cool grass grows
Are you ready?
Sing it with me...OoooOooo eeee I was mowing in the dark.

Most enjoyable memories from mowing in the dark last night:
  1. Watching others laugh as they drove by (I had to be running for them to laugh)
  2. The excitement of waking in the morning to see how many patches of grass I missed or the strips I made.
  3. Actually being able to see the sparks from hitting the rocks* That was sweet!
  4. Chasing the light spots after having look directly into the halogen, motion activated, garage light.
  5. Thinking how stupid I am that I kept forgetting to not look into the light each time I made a pass by it. I just couldn't resist - to look right into the light!
  6. Seeing the this morning that I mowed the lawn perfectly!
*Around the base of every tree in my yard, usually hidden by taller grass (of course), are little piles of rocks. This is not from my landscaping efforts but I'm guessing from some game my kids started and never finished one day. In case they ever want to get back to the game I just try to avoid the piles.

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