Monday, November 27, 2006

Children Enslaved by Psychiatric Labels

The Christian Mind blog comments on an article in the New York Times on children and biopsychiatry.

Link to article: What's Wrong With a Child?

Here is a statement from the commentary that I agree with 100%:
"Multiple interpretations can be offered to account for whatever emotional and behavioral symptoms an individual reports. Likewise, multiple conceptions of what is in need of being changed and how that is to be accomplished exist. Counseling and biopsychiatry, therefore, involve placing the counselee or patient in some larger contextual framework of meaning. In other words, all approaches to counseling and/or psychiatry seek to make sense of a person and his or her situations in terms of a broad interpretive framework or worldview. Given this fact, as well as the serious health risks associated with psychiatric medications, I'm dismayed by the relative absence of Christian leaders sounding cautions against psychiatric labeling and medicating."
(emphasis mine)

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