Wednesday, November 01, 2006

UPDATED: A Collapsed Evangelical Identity

This post will probably turn some heads and raise some eyebrows. That is not my intention. But then again, perhaps it God be the glory.

I no longer identify with anything related to the culture of Evangelical Christianity. I will no longer put forth an image that I am teamed up with Evangelical culture.

I pursue something in a different direction - the reign of Jesus as Lord in all areas of life and throughout all the world. I've learned in recent months that the pursuit of a culture that is all-things-Christian is contrary to the pursuit of Christ's reign in my heart.

Some will say I have a chip on my shoulder. In a sense, I do. From business dealings, money problems, political yard signs*, relationship stresses, pseudo friendships, doing "church", self-centered prayer and competing theologies, I am fed up. Through all these areas of life I (first) have sinned and grasped an identity that does nothing but to stir up anger and bitterness in others toward Christ. Likewise I've been sinned against in ways I didn't expect and seen that sin be justified by claiming justice out of a Christian identity. Simply, it is sad to talk the talk and walk unworthy of the talk - I believe the formula is wrong and deadly.

What does all this mean?

Nothing but good. My resolve in pursuing Christ's reign has been strengthened!

I suppose too, to clear up any immediate confusion, I better say that I am a slave to Christ, that is, in as much as He grants me the grace and mercy to be. Do I need to explain that yes I still am a follower of Christ, that I am not renouncing my faith?

I will go out of my way from here on out in my life to disassociate with any form of identification as an Evangelical Christian.

UPDATE: I am convicted that I am processing through some deep repentance. Hopefully I will have more to post on this later.

*I will be destroying the signs that current display in my yard right now...when I get home from work so please be slow to speak of my hypocrisy.

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