Friday, January 12, 2007

50 ways to influence a Christian

By Good Friend Ron

Well, Pat asked me to critique the following list from the Church Report website: The 50 Most Influential Christians in America. How do you begin to do such a thing with any seriousness when you see who’s selected as #1? I’m thankful there are a several good people who made it, but really. Instead of a general assessment of such a bizarre list, I decided to focus on the person with the most intriguing photo, and here she is:

Meet Paula White of Paula White Ministries.

Her byline on the church report says: Through the power of media, Paula White, supervising producer and host of “Paula White Today,” has ministered, enlightened and uplifted millions of viewers around the world. White’s life was forever changed when at the age of 18 she first heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. Heralded as the “midwife to dreams,” White inspires people to step boldly into the divine destiny that God has planned for them.

“Supervising Producer” Wow, she’s like Lou Grant! Heralded as the “midwife to dreams” I’ve never heard that before. I assume it’s good. Finally she “inspires people to step boldly into the divine destiny that God has planned for them”. Well, now I know how she made the list. So I find her website Paula White Ministries, and to my great surprise what is the first item I see as the website opens?

With this just below to the right:

Donate NOW! Give Your First Fruits NOW! Not later, but NOW. Click on the First Fruits icon and you get to this: "When you give your first fruits offering, it prepares you for the harvest, and it releases God to do the blessing.” Releases God. I didn’t know He was detained.

Folks, according to this report she’s #19 in influence. Now, I tend to get bothered by some of the excess sarcasm that drips from many of the wonderful Christian blogs I read, but what are you supposed to say about this? How are we to pray for her and all the other Prosperity preachers that mislead and poison the gospel message with this hideous teaching? And we should be seriously praying. I want to wave her and the others off with disgust, but they are affecting a lot of people and dishonoring our faith.

Maybe I wouldn’t be upset if she wasn’t so far ahead of number 48 on the list. Now there’s someone who you can trust.


kristi noser said...

At the risk of sounding like a biznatch, she looks plastic and smells like Benny Hinn.

Seth said...

#48 is very trustworthy.."his mama didn't name him dollar for nothing, he flew here on his own airplane"
I heard a message a few weeks ago about from Brother Creflo on the fact that John the Baptist was not a man of faith but a doubter of God.

Why is it that so many "christians" allow this teaching to even be tolerated.

I think we need to have another church counsel to reprimand this false teaching and expell these people. Wait I forgot, we stopped practicing church disciple along time ago. That's probably why we are looking at the list of the top 50 today and 40 shouldn't be there.
Martin Luther where are you?We need a reformation again!

These teachers rarely use texts and if the do it is so baddly out of context that it makes no sense if you read the next verse, yet they are making millions, their churches & ministries are growing, and they are turning their message into...God is your personal genie in a bottle, treat him like a vending machine and call it "Faith".
All the while they amass giant salaries and bonuses, live in mansions, drive Bentley's and Rolls Royces and tell their congragations that they to may live the "blessed life" if they have enough faith.

We have become consumers of this garbage because we are lazy, fat, prosperious, self consumed people, entertaainment fiends.

If only we loved his word we would see the falseness of this teaching and we would know that come bankruptcy, nuclear war,sickness, disease,Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, persecution we have the treasure that is above all, the lasting treasure, Jesus Christ.

May He give us a love for his word to smell the stench of this false rubbish message, and get off our lazy buttocks and take this treasure to the nations.

Really...when you have the prosperity, and things are going great, and your healthy, and life seems good does that make you parise God more? For me I become self relient and try and guard myself from any harm. It does not drive me to God like a refining hrad situation does.

Romans 5:3b-5...We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

To Live is Christ...To Die is Gain.
The Nations Wait...