Thursday, April 12, 2007

It takes electricity for a man to become Electroman

I have a confession. My soul has been prompted by my wife revealing she almost burned our house down. Here I go. Confession time. Recently I took 220 volts through my pointer finger and thumb on my right hand. I've said it before. An very good, accurate, working definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Last Saturday an opportunity presented itself and I proved through experience (once again) the truth behind that definition of insanity.

I was suppose to learn from this. I believe I have learned this time by comparing the similarities between the two events - appliances, 220 volts (still plugged in), and me.

Our dryer blew a thermostat a few weeks back so I replaced it. This last Saturday Carla informed me the dryer was not working again - the new part failed. I decided to take five minutes and check it out. With mini-socket in hand I focused on removing the backplate. A good next step I thought was to check all the connections. The connection on the lower thermostat, slightly hidden from my view, apparently was exposed enough to shock whatever idiot wanted to touch it. Thankfully I am not six feet under and I tell was far more than a shock!

The burning sensation in my pointer finger and thumb is fading with each passing day. I am still waiting for my superpowers to kick in.


ron said...

Maybe you'll become like Uncle Fester and light a bulb up by putting it in your mouth.

erin said...

I had not read the other story. Both are very, very funny. Good stuff, Pat. Thanks!

PS said...

Ron - you deemed me Electroman and now you call me Uncle Fester. Watch it! With it being Stanley Cup Playoffs I might hip check you at the church building.

ron said...

Hey, I always liked Uncle Fester!

Okay, back to Electroman... I'm envisioning you in red spandex with a lightening bolt coming out of a 220V receptacle emblazoned across your chest...

Katie R. said...

If you need spandex pants...Carla may have an extra pair from the Bible Girl costume.

kristi noser said...

How about "ElectroFester"
Then you can "work" that 220 and light a lightbulb all at once.
How're those fingers, by the way?

Repeat after me, Pat:
unplug the appliance,
unplug the appliance,
unplug the appliance.

Oh, and I'm totally laughing about the spandex! WOOT!

Carla said...

220 221 whatever it takes.