Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Man am I desperate for blog material or what?

I played baseball and hockey when I was a yout. Both sports called for protection of the male anatomy.

Unfortunately I did not learn the supreme value of an athletic cup protector until that one day I played in the catcher position during practice. As I squatted down to receive the first pitch I realized I forgot to wear my cup. I was age 10 or so. After the batter missed with a strike I felt the intense pain of getting nailed in the nads with a 60 mph pitch from a pitching machine. I still gag at the memory.

On many occasions as well during my illustrious hockey career (I was so good I could have made it to state) I took slap shots, wrist shots, elbows, stick pokes straight to the sensitive area. It was part of the game. I knew also how to equally deliver the tactical blows to my opponents. It was part of my game plan.

But ya'know? The protective cups never really stopped the blows from really hurting. There was still a lot of pain from the pressure of the blows and a lot of bruising where the cup rest against the groin area.

Sounds like I could have used one of these. Here is the promo video:

The guy actually does flinch though.


Reegz said...

You're right Pat, you are desperate.

kristi noser said...

That guy is a total nutcase.
Oh, I crack myself up.

Kim N. said...

Oh, my!

Joey said...

A co-worker of mine showed this to me the other day. I think the name of it alone is hilarious!! Probably works better than what we used though...