Monday, April 16, 2007

That Was Quick and Inline Marathon Update

Minnesota Wild

UPDATE: I was thinking it was only a five game series but I was wrong. There is still a (very slim) chance the Wild can pull things out - but they MUST win tomorrow night or it really is all over.

The MN Wild dropped their third straight game last night to the Ducks. It's over, the Wild have been eliminated from the playoffs.

Inline Marathon Update
I mentioned a month or so back I planned on skating two marathons this season (St. Paul and Big Granite.) I've changed now and will skate Hayward instead of Big Granite. There is just not enough time for me to get ready for Big Granite (June). Hayward has been reported to be a great race but it is the week before St. Paul. I am up for it.

First 2 Miles
Yesterday I skated around my neighborhood just to get out and enjoy the great weather. I couldn't resist the urge to sprint a few times - I feel it in my hips and lower back this morning. Soon the sun will rise earlier and I'll be out on official training runs. I should wait for the street sweeper to get around too.


Reegz said...

Wait. There's a game on Tuesday. They could win? I was a pessimist too Pat. I said they were goin down. All the way down. I think cursed them. The ducks are just bigger, faster, better defensively, better period. I'm supposed to go to the game on Tuesday but I fear what might happen if they lose. I can see the headlines already..."Mass rioting in downtown St. Paul...." Wait, that only happens if they win. Mmmnn...maybe I am safe.

Reegz said...

I was wondering if you were a bit confused. Don't rush it Pat, give 'em a chance. Just one more day....

Reegz said...

YES! What a game! Fight, fight, fight! Don't forget to tune in for tomorrow nights bloodbath!!!!! Go Wild!!!!!!!!!!!!