Friday, June 01, 2007

An Amazing Blessing

Yesterday at 7:00 am I just pulled into my driveway from a 45 minute interval training skate - chalk up another push-the-cardiac -threshold-to-the-max session. I was satisfied with my effort and pleased to move on with my morning. What happened next was simply one of the greatest positively shocking moments I've experienced in sometime.

Before going into the house I decided to pull the garbage container out to the end of the driveway. I noticed an envelope with my name on it wrapped in baggie sitting underneath the windshield wipper of my car. My first thought was it is a thank you note from my neighbor for helping her trim her long grass last Saturday. However, the note inside said "Heard you need a new set of wheels. Good luck with your races." I discovered a $50 bill as I rolled open the last crease of the note. My second thought was Wow! Yep, $50 will definitely help the purchase of actual race wheels. But then, as I was folding up the note my eyes attended to the item that slipped out and floated to the ground. It was a $100 bill! Right then I realized the meaning of the note - someone gave me $150 to help purchase a new set of wheels as in skates! AMAZING! TRULY WONDERFUL!

I purchased the skates yesterday. I get to skate in them after noon today . I've had to wait for the custom fitting to settle in the last 24 hours.

Stay tuned for the back story as to why this is so much more than me getting new skates.


Euro said...

Wow, congrats! Any idea as to who did that for you? Amazing.

I've been kinda down about the skates I own - they haven't been used much, but certainly weren't bought with marathons in mind.

Had the idea to check Ebay and just *see* how much race skates cost.. found a pair in my size (crossing fingers) for only $49. The guy has a bunch of up still, is the same skate as what I ordered.

I know it's probably really "starter", but hopefully it'll work better than my completely recreational skates.

PS said...

I have some idea. I will post soon about the really incredible part of the story.

About the skates you're looking at...have you ordered and paid for them yet, or just placed a bid?

Euro said...

Bid, won, sent the payment and am waiting.. dare I ask why?

I know they're probably crap.. but they've got to be better than I have now, and an amazing string of bad luck has kept me from training so far.. so any little bit would help at this point.

Am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the story!