Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good News

FaithCom Bloggers have another new blog to add to the coalition.

New blog but veteran blogger

Scott at Nehring The Edge has started a new blog called Good News Film Reviews. The purpose of the blog is stated in the beginning paragraph of his opening salvo:
"I have put this site together as a means to look at film within a Christian context. Over the years being involved in theatre and film I have seen many Christians react to entertainment media with dismissal. To many Christians, Hollywood is a snake pit whose only purpose is to poison the world. Usually the relationship between Christians and Hollywood is one of mutual spite and irritation. This sour relationship didn’t happen overnight and both sides have reasons to want to snipe at their supposed foe. "
Scott has an 8 week class where he teaches how to look at all film from the standpoint of Christian liberty (that's my summation of the class) I took the class this last winter and I can honestly say it has changed they way I watch movies. With Good News Film Reviews, Scott says he aims to blog on the same topics he teaches in class.

I am very happy for this good news today. Make sure you add Scott's new site to your FaithCom Blogroll.

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Nehring said...

Thank you for the kind words.

I hope I can pull this off. Lord willing it will work.