Thursday, June 14, 2007

To Do - 20 miles on Sat. Anyone Interested?

This coming Saturday I plan to skate 20 miles for a long and slow training run. I'll be heading out to Porter's house and back (here is the route.) I am looking forward to it...seriously I am!

Anyone out there interested in perhaps tagging along with me on a bike - 20 miles is not bad at all on a bike, and you don't have to go the whole way. The session will be over in about an hour and a half. I start at 6:00 AM. Let me know.


erin said...

Yeah, I'll be there at 5:45am. If I'm late start without me. I'll catch up.

PS said...


kristi noser said...

Yeah, she is, she's also going to see if she can be chosen to be the next pope too.

Carla said...

Can I come? Oh never mind. I have plans.

erin said...

No. Not really.
I'll see you at the pig roast.