Friday, July 20, 2007

Stung Twice

Just the other day I was mindin my own bidness...doing my interval training/inline skating deal, and BAM in an instant I am rippin my helmet off trying to stay upright on my wheels and not skate off the path. I was stung by something on my forehead right under the ridge of my helmet, above my left eyebrow. Dang!

The last three days have been miserable. Obviously I've had some kind of reaction. The following symptoms have presented: headache, extreme fatigue, very upset stomach, swollen lump on forehead, nasal congestion, drooping sensation of left side of face, noticeably enlarged lymph nodes, and just last night a blister on the rough of my mouth developed. I am feeling better today.

Yesterday afternoon while examining my forehead I determined I was stung twice as I have what appears to be two entry points.

My wife has been supportive, giving me a little extra grace and care. Thank you Babe. She has been asking how it felt to be stung - I've been stung by bees many times in my life but she had never been stung. Last night sitting outside by our pool she proudly stated "In 41 years I've never been stung by a bee." What do you think happened within five minutes of that statement. I am very sorry babe - I will take care of you.


Carla said...

Thank you for taking care of me.

erin said...

I hope no one else at your house gets stung!