Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Skatemill for Christmas?

Yes...another video.

My wife would prefer a simple treadmill in the house, but I want one of these:


Friend Ron asked "What would happen if you fell on that thing?" First thing, if you never ask the question, you never have to deal with an answer - it's irrelevant. Falling only matters when you'r falling.


Carla said...

Yes, I think that would fit perfectly in the living room.

Katie R. said...

Carla, you're funny.

Two things:
1. There should be a big screen TV in the front so you can watch reruns of The Office.
2. It would sort of be funny to see someone fall and go flying backwards. (IF they didn't get hurt and IF it wasn't Mr. Stream)

-V- said...

What would happen if you fell? It wouldn't be pretty -not in those shorts... I'm just sayin'. ;-) Happy Thanksgiving!

erin said...

Looks like a good way to get Rubber Road Rash.