Saturday, December 08, 2007

Do I Get It? The Gospel?

This quote helps me be reminded that I don't always "get it" (the Gospel)in real life. If I am not practicing my knowledge of the Gospel in real life and wrestling with the profound truths I am just, once again, looking to some other savior that will never save.

“Christians come to see that both their sins and their best deeds have all really been ways of avoiding Jesus as savior. They come to see that Christianity is not fundamentally an invitation to get more religious. A Christian comes to say: “Though I have often failed to obey the moral law, the deeper problem was why I was trying to obey it! Even my efforts to obey it has been just a way of seeking to be my own savior. In that mindset, even if I obey or ask for forgiveness, I am really resisting the gospel and setting myself up as Savior.”

To “get the gospel” is turn from self-justification and rely on Jesus’ record for a relationship with God. The irreligious don’t repent at all, and the religious only repent of sins. But Christians also repent of their righteousness. That is the distinction between the three groups–Christian, moralists (religious), and pragmatists (irreligious).”

The quote comes from Tim Keller's paper The Centrality of the Gospel.

Do you get it?

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