Thursday, December 06, 2007

Saying What You Mean

I always prefer to know where I stand with someone. I find it completely exhausting trying to "read" the real meaning of what a person may or may not be saying - especially in times of conflict. Likewise, I am working hard at communicating my own ideas more directly in love so that others do not have to guess at what I mean.

I found this to be a very helpful post on delivering criticism.


Carla Stream said...

Thank you, Pat.

-V- said...

Yes, thanks for passing that along, Pat. I always thought I was pretty good at telling people what I thought until recently when sharing a simple observation with a close friend just about gave me hives. This is part of loving one another within the body and I, for one, don't give it (or get it) - really, hardly at all. I really appreciate this perspective.