Monday, January 14, 2008

Blog Series on Financial Peace University

Problem: My cynical attitude toward participating in Financial Peace University

Solution: Blog About It

I must deal with my pervasive bad attitude about Financial Peace University (FPU). I've already admitted the problem so I don't need to go there. Tonight is the first class and they've already cashed my check for the $99 registration fee.

I have nothing (major) against Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. I actually think the man is a great communicator. At face value, I believe a majority of the success stories I hear from FPU graduates.

What's my problem? I am so stinking cynical about the commitment I made to attend FPU with my wife for the next (16?) weeks. I look forward to the precious time with my wife but I am rolling my eyes at everything else.

Basically, my attitude revolves around the following thoughts:

1) My family lives off a budget I have in my head. It works. When it doesn't, it's because we don't bring in enough income, and our single income lifestyle is 100% our choice.
2) I have not charged a single penny to a credit card in 3 years. We are currently on a plan to pay off all our credit card debt in the next two years. That day will be a great day, but for now, it is what it is.
3) How will FPU help me improve my financial situation? I feel like we are doing all we can.
4) I was employed in the financial world for 8 years so I know all about investment strategies and insurance requirements - they both take extra money we certainly do not have.
5) I do have specific financial goals for my family in 2008. I welcome advice on how to implement and stay consistent with these goals but based on talking to other FPU graduates I don't think we'll be dealing with my goals in any of the courses.

Obviously God is going to do a great work in my heart. I am ripe. My expectations are all messed up.

To hold my self accountable to focusing on God's expectations, I've decided to objectively blog about my time at FPU. I promise to ring out my dirty attitude and I think what I encounter may be beneficial to others.


-V- said...

Can't WAIT to hear what you have to say about it. We too were seriously considering, but perceived benefit didn't seem to outweigh the commitment. Your testimony could 'tip the scale' for future years. Thanks for being willing to share about it!

Katie R. said...

We signed up years ago, received our materials and never really went. We did work on some materials but weren't very faithful to the program. I believe the program works if you make it work. I've been honestly thinking about going through our books and maybe making it work for real this time. I'm interested in where the journey takes you.

Swampy-Rah said...


I'm glad that you've decided to blog on this. Dave Ramsey must be good at managing money but his 'George Carlin' type presentation is so annoying that it's difficult to pay attention.

Those squinty, beady, wee eyes of his as he capers about the stage weaving inane illustrations...

On the plus side: As Cheryl and I were pulling into the driveway, we both agreed that you and Carla would make good accountability partners for us; are you up for that?

ron said...

Objectively blog... that may be a first in the blogosphere. I will keep an objective eye on you my objective brother.

kristi noser said...

Would it help to sell that Burley with the skis thing? That might ease the ol' budget.

Ron, I don't know what you're talking about.

Carla Stream said...

Do you mean the Burley with no wheels? The Draggy.

ron said...

Kristi, I am inclined (biased) to think that it's impossible to be objective when you have a pre-detemined position. I am not going after Pat, I'm just saying that I've become suspect of asserting objectivity on things we have opinions about(including myself)

Pat Stream said...

I will attempt to assert objectivity SO THAT I can battle with my own predetermined opinions - which are keeping me from changing certain aspects of my personal financial situation.

ron said...

"I will attempt to assert objectivity"

That sounds good. Sorry for being such a pain