Thursday, January 03, 2008

Exciting News From The Inline Skating World

Exciting to me that is!

I'll spare all the reasons why this is really cool, great, awesome, fantastic, world-changing...and I'll spare you more superlatives. (I realize you probably did not read the entire story behind the above link. I am not offended if you did not because you probably only care somewhat about inline skating because you care about me, right?)

Seriously though, the news is world-changing in the inline community. Because it is something new and in the seemingly dormant sport of competitive inline skating, something new, especially if it has the effect of producing more non-pro fitness skaters, means the sport is regaining ground. The future is bright!

I plan to join this race series this year and so far two of the four races I want to compete in are part of the series. I expect the other two to be added soon.

Another item I caught from the linked story is the addition of a new division in the Hayward event. Up till now, participants are placed in divisions based on gender and age. But now, a new division, named Clydesdale, will be a place for "large-men" over 200 lbs. Hilarious! I've always joked about having finished 1st in my weight class in previous races.

My training plans include me getting under 200 this year. I am at 214 right now and I'll most likely drop under 2oo in the new few months. But should I now? Should I stay above 200 just to increase my chances of a top three finish...perhaps even a win? Will I really be a better overall skater at 200 lbs? No matter the questions...a Clydesdale division is creative and still very hilarious. I can't stop picturing a bunch a mammoth horses on inlines cruising in a paceline at 20 mph. Get the heck out of the way and look out ahead!


kristi noser said...

Lose 13 pounds and kill both birds.

Pat Stream said...

Aahh! Leave one pound to spare. There you go, thanks. said...

Exciting indeed! We'll keep your blog 'posted' as we do our part to promote the sport. Press release forthcoming.