Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Humility Lessons In Air Hockey Defeats

I played 15 straight games of Air Hockey last night. Ten with my oldest son and five with my middle daughter. My record: 0-15. That's ZERO wins!!! ZERO!! NaDa! Like my son kept saying, "They owned the table." We're working on the trash-talkin, squelching it that is, but last night, they proved the point.

We just got the table, these are my first games. This shameful start is pitiful! Tonight I seek to redeem myself and take back my self-granted throne of Air Hockey King, especially in my own house. I love playing air hockey! I am good at it! Really good! In college it was my thing (along with table hockey, floor hockey, video hockey, and badminton.)

Last night's competition was not a case of Daddy being a good Daddy and playing light, letting them win once in a while, restraining my skills, and teaching them about losing. Last night I played my heart out. Speed. Speed. Speed. Quick wrists. Killer instincts fully engaged. I was amazed at the intensity. I was also very impressed with my competition (yes, my precious children, but in the moment, they were a force to be mastered.) Tonight I will begin my comeback. My strategy? Play way past their bedtime and let fatigue set in.

What does this post have to do with Humility? Zero wins in fifteen games!! Geez, my loyal pet cat Griffen was even mocking me, grinning from his stoop on the stairs.


Carla Stream said...

You are still Air Hockey King, to me!


Swampy-Rah said...

Guess who else just got an air hockey brother got tired of his; outgrew it and delivered it to my house.

erin said...

Perhaps you should challenge the kiddos to a badminton tourney?

Kelli said...

Or how about weight lifting? I bet you could kick some cherub booty least for a few years!