Friday, January 18, 2008

The Office - Full Episodes online

Full episodes of The Office are now available.

There are also plenty of bits on youtube like this classic where Micheal obeys his GPS device no matter the cost:


erin said...

"The machine knooooows!"
Thanks, Pat. I needed that today.

-V- said...

Is it true that the rest of the show is gone... forever? Feel like we need some kind of mourning ceremony... emotional closure. ;-)

Carla Stream said...

Say it ain't so, V!!

Joey said...

I don't think it's so. That would be tragic...

I had to Google it and here's what I found:

From the New York Times:

* New episodes of ‘The Office’ will not air until April 10th. (This makes sense to me because it’s already been announced that ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ which took The Office’s timeslot during the strike, will end its season on March 27th. Perhaps the last aired Office episode, ‘The Deposition,’ would then air on April 3rd to remind people of where current plotlines are, followed by a new episode the week after.)
* The first episode that will be produced is ‘Dinner Party.’
* A Christmas script was written before the strike, but will not be produced.
* As showrunner Greg Daniels mentioned previously, a total of six new episodes will be produced for Season 4.
* Handling the time lapse: “I’m tempted to just leap ahead to where we would have been,” Mr. Daniels said.

Everything looks good!