Thursday, February 28, 2008

FPU: xSTREAM tactics

I went crazy selling stuff to raise money for our immediate cash reserve fund of $1,000. That got me so pumped up that now I am going xSTREAM. I'm attacking our family debt with whatever it takes. I'll be posting more soon about my xSTREAM tactics and laying out my whole debt snowball plan.

As a preview, the whole plan begins with a challenge from my wife and a friend to be creative and pay off all our debt before December 2010. I am setting a goal. I want to see if we can do it a whole year earlier.


Jason said...

There appears to be something wrong with your blog. I am getting huge block of blue and have to scroll way down to see your first post. The first post I can read is the "xStream".

Pat Stream said...

Thanks Jason. A little problem with the switch to a 3-column format. It's fixed now. Thanks again.