Monday, March 24, 2008

The First Setback

Sometime today I'll be moving $650 from the emergency savings fund to our main checkbook account. From there, I'll pay the auto mechanic for the work he has done on our family van. We're getting two sway bar links replaced and four new tires. I knew we'd eventually need the tires but I was hoping to make it through the summer, giving us time to save. But, two of the tires are completely unsafe.

This little "setback event" has my heart and mind swirling all over the place right now. Inevitably, my wife and I will learn from this, if we focus on the right thing. That is, what God is up to in exposing the idols that we so easily place our trust in and what He has planned in the way of redirecting our hope toward only Him.

How I process through my thoughts and emotions in all of this will make for good blogging to say the least. I plan to share what I learn from this setback. To start things off, I'll just say this event is not mainly about the money we're losing, the step back that we are forced to take, or the frustration and stress that has entered my family's world today. This heat in our lives is nothing, nothing in relation to the other much more significant problems of living in a fallen world. Nevertheless, God is at work on my heart and that is where I want to grow more and see Him at work - that is what I'll blog about.


Carla said...

Take heart, babe. Another "opportunity" to praise God, right?

ron said...

Set back, schmet back. You are doing great. You built an emergency fund to pay for things like the family truckster upkeep. Praise God that you aren't wondering how to pay for it! By His grace and your commitment you will rebuild that emergency fund.