Saturday, April 26, 2008

Debt Poll

Check out the debt poll in the sidebar to the right of this post.

How much debt do you and/or your household have?

Tell me in a comment what you are doing about getting out of debt?


Brandy Dopkins said...

well, we are paying down 1000.00 a month on consumer debt alone and have been for 16 months. (wouldn't it be nice to have that done?)
We actually have a savings plan, but how it is that we have no savings even with a plan I don't know- oh, yes I do :)

We are just so grateful to be treading water rather than sinking. Getting ahead isn't even in the picture, especially when our IRAs lost 11% and 12% last quarter.

Joey said...

Our goal is to have the Jeep and CC debt gone within a year. From there, the only debt we'll have left is our student loans, which are both under $7,000 and have low interest and low monthly payments. I don't have a goal for them yet since I just want to get in the clear with the CC and Jeep first!

Claire said...

Husband has to sell his motorcycle, that he bought with equity from our house (yikes). That'll cut our debt in half. However, he has to sell the bike. Did I say, he has to sell the bike? Yeah, he has to sell the bike. :-)

Other than that, I'm just trying to get a budget together. Since we don't make enough to cover basics right now, that's a bit of a challenge.