Tuesday, May 20, 2008

$2 Skate Fix

It worked. I found a solution to my broken skate problem. I got the idea after analyzing the bolt that fell out of our gliding rocking chair. I'm not that technical so it's hard to describe. It is just some kind of bolt with a cylinder and I slid two large washers on it to hold it in place. I found out this morning that I need some lock tight as one of the bolts loosened back out while I was skating.

Fast Training This Morning
I started interval training this morning. In intervals you skate faster at set times throughout the sessions - for a minute at time. Then rest for a minute, and so on. I actually skated 8 miles in 33 minutes. My pace was 14.06 miles per hour. Up until this session I've been averaging 11 miles per hour. At marathon time in August I want to be an average of 14 or more. Intervals will help me get there.


Bill said...

Yeah, but is the rocking chair fixed? Engineering at it finest!

Pat Stream said...

Nice Bill!

My answer is yes...fixed as in I just don't sit it anymore.