Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time Your Flight and Save Big With Farecast

To book the lowest priced flights for my flying wife's recent travels to Dallas for Operation Outcry I've used Farecast. I am telling you, it is simply fantastic.

About Farecast

Farecast, brought to you by Microsoft Live Search, is the smart travel search site that helps you buy with confidence. Since 2006, Farecast allows you to easily compare, filter and sort flight results from hundreds of airline, hotel and agency websites to find the right trip. Farecast's award-winning technology also empowers you to Know When to Buy™ with airfare predictions and Know Where to Stay™ with the hotel Rate Key™.

Farecast® is the 2008 Webby Award winner in the travel category and is recognized as one of Web 2.0's "Best Travel Sites", one of Travel & Leisure's "Top 25 websites" and one of PC World's "20 Most Innovative Products". Farecast is headquartered in Seattle, WA.

Farecast predicts where prices will be and guides with the use of a confidence rating - it tells you to buy or wait. After using the service four times now, I am a true believer in its accuracy.

For example, about a month ago I looked up a flight to San Antonio, the price for a round trip ticket was $474. I waited as Farecast predicted prices would go even higher - with in a week they jumped to $502. I waited some more because Farecast told me prices would drop by $100. What is really nice is that I set up email alerts to track the price levels. One day I got an alert to Buy! Prices dropped to just under $400. But Farecast had a 60% confidence level that prices could drop by another $50. I waited. Then I got another email indicating a strong buy as prices would soon climb to back over $450. I bought a round trip ticket at $389 two weeks ago. I still get the email alerts however and see now the prices are back up to $474.

Farecast, my favorite!

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Carla said...

You are my favorite travel agent. Ever.