Friday, August 08, 2008

Heading to Hayward For A Very Hilly Inline Marathon

I am leaving today about 3:30 to head up to Hayward, Wisconsin for my second year skating the Hayward Inline Marathon.

Last year I learned about this amazingly beautiful country course filled with big hills everywhere. I am filled with joy that my wife will be coming along for support (my great mother is taking all four of our children overnight...THANK YOU.)

My goal up until yesterday was to finish in 1:45. Yesterday I psyched myself out and changed my goal to 1:39 - I want to beat my personal best of 1:41 set last week at St. Paul. The weather is suppose to be perfect in Hayward and I am going to change a few things based on what I learned about myself last week. I still felt like I was holding back so this week when I feel like that I am going to push it. Also, I am actually a better skater on hills so I plan to use that to my advantage. Last year I didn't know what to expect, this year I will charge every hill.

I am excited as well to see what happens in my race class - which is actually based on weight, it's called Clydesdale and for skaters over 200lbs. I am 216 today. Last week I talked to the organizers and they thought there were only five registrants in Clydesdale. There are awards for the top three. I actually have my best chance to bring home some hardware, unless I skate against 200 lb pros.


Swampy-Rah said...

When you're going up a hill, think 'fly' or 'glide'; when you're going down the other side think 'burn'.

LauraLynn said...

Or maybe think "Don't Fall" when going down the hill.....

Carla said...

You did great and I had a lot of fun! You inspire me, Patrick!