Friday, December 05, 2008

Bailout For Me

First off I need to get my traffic back up so I figure a post using "Bailout" would get me placed back into some google searches. HA!

A good friend (he likes it when I call him good) told me yesterday that I need to adjust my debt snowball because I haven't factored in a bailout. With a bailout I'll be 100% debt free in a few months possibly. I think that is what he is hoping for for himself (he is also motivated more by trash talk than encouraging words.)

Another good friend a few weeks back made a comment to me that ironically, people who aren't paying off debt may end up being the ones who suffer the least while the US economy works through its current dismal state.

NO Bailout for me! NO Bailout for you! Create your own plan to get out of debt!


kristi noser said...

figures as soon as I take you off the blogroll you'd start again! Shoulda done that sooner, welcome back to blogland. We missed you!

Pat Stream said...

I missed you.