Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Debt Snowball Update

We're still pluggin' away at our goal to be debt free. It has has been close enough to a year so here's another update.

Debt Snowball Progress

February 29, 2008 February14, 2009 Change
Total Debt $182,890.00 $163,971.00 ($18,919.00)
Mortgage $138,489.00 $135,813.00 ($2,676.00)
Consumer $44,401.00 $28,120.00
Number of Debts 12 3 -9

A footnote about the Consumer Loan balance: Right now we are banking our extra payments into savings so the balance is current IF we made a lump sum payment right today. We're banking until June or so and then we'll make the final payment on our next debt which is $6,100 right now.


Carla said...

Wow! We have done a lot in a year! Thank you for working so hard, Pat. I am looking forward to being debt free!!

Kim N. said...

Wow! that's great.

Jeff Burton said...

Thanks for the update. These are my favorite posts on Burn The Ships.

Pat Stream said...

Thanks Kim and Jeff.

Carla - love ya babe!