Friday, April 10, 2009

Where is my mind today on Good Friday?

A quote by Paul David Tripp from page 104 in his book "A Quest For More":

"You cannot be Christ-centered with out becoming cross-centered. The crucified Christ is to be the center of everything I know about myself and my world. You cannot have any real hope for flawed people in a fallen world unless there is a Redeemer to rescue us from the evil that resides both inside and outside of us. Real restoration to God's created design requires the cross. It is the cross of Christ that alone will restore my allegiance to Christ and his rightful place at the center of everything in my life."

If Jesus wasn't crucified, if Jesus did not choose death on a cross, if Jesus instead chose pride instead of humility, there would be no ultimate meaning and purpose to life. But, because of His work on the cross, everything has meaning. Everything! There is not one square inch of human existence that can not be fully redeemed. But its only because of His death on a cross. The necessity of the cross is that it restored the ability to be back in relationship with God our creator. The veil has been torn in two (Matthew 27:51). Man can now approach the loving God. This may be an oversimplification but its what I am thinking about this Good Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Great post my friend and brother in Christ! I love it's "to the pointness", the subject of the cross, and the powerful quote from the book "The Quest for more". I will surely have to get that book, it sounds like a good one, and thank for your recommendation of it. Interesting, our ministry title is Freedom Quest International so any time I see the word "Quest" I am interested to see the "where/what" that people are seeking. We are on the same page it seems.. blessings... Bob Parr